I have joined…

…a knitting, crochet and embroidery group!
On Saturday morning I drove off in the gloomy grey drizzle over the hill to Ambierle to search for a group of women practicing their craft!
I had seen a poster in the hairdresser advertising this group and recognised the word ‘tricot,’ and since I enjoy knitting…
I parked the car and wandered around the square looking for another poster that might  tell me where to go. Nothing.
I went back to the hairdresser but the poster was no longer on her door, so there was nothing for it but to go inside. Life is always more exciting when you don’t speak the language that well!
So thinking ‘nothing ventured etc’ I pushed open the door – Noelle Coiffeuse was extremely busy – the Saturday before school starts after the holiday – the world and their wife and children were crowded into her little salon. She’s the only one for miles around – and very good – after all don’t I go there myself?
I say ‘bonjour’ and suddenly total silence reigns as the strange accent is recognised – all heads turn – hands stop in mid shampoo – Noelle’s hands stop in mid cut…In halting french I explain about the poster that isn’t there!
She leaps up, tripping over bags, feet and children and retrieves the poster from the back of the shop.
‘Merci bien’ I say a few times, and a chorus of AuRevoirs from everyone follows me as I stumble back  out of the salon tripping over the same feet, bags and children. I am reminded how friendly the local people are around here – ‘très sympa, très gentil’
So when I return from my holiday I shall have no excuse not to finish whatever I start knitting!

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