Food Glorious Food!

Friday saw the meal to end all meals here at the cottage, and we are still finishing off the leftovers!

For at least two days B cooked and planned and worked out the timings so we could celebrate the tenth anniversary since we bought the cottage. This we did in style, with our neighbours (seven of them) and only a couple of months late.

We are lucky in that our neighbours are ‘tres sympa’ as they say here and the night was very successful – its just a pity that my photography was not quite as good.

B did a ‘real’ English meal – since he had been threatening the neighbours with one for a while, so celery soup was followed by roast beef and yorkshire pudding, peas and carrots and ‘proper’ gravy! It all went down very well. And then the choice of dessert – sherry trifle, bread and butter pudding and steamed syrup sponge and everyone tried a little of each!



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